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Special Offer: Free Group Text Messaging Credits for Liberty Groups

As the Liberty Movement grows, we are finding better ways to communicate and so I’m recommending one form of communication to all that are part of the liberty movement. Many of us that are leaders in the movement have a lot of responsibility to communicate effectively and to make sure that as many people participate in meetings and activist events as possible. I thoroughly enjoy leading small to medium sized liberty groups but last year during a petition drive I realized that e-mail wasn’t reaching as many people as I had hoped and due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to call all the people on my volunteer list each time I needed them. I soon found out that sending out group text messages resulted in better volunteer turnout and it also took just a few minutes of my time.

A group text message can easily be sent out  in the matter of minutes using my company’s website www.TruePhaseMarketing.com.  Each text message can include up to 136 characters and can also include a video or a picture. The average cost per a text message is 4 cents per recipient for a standard text message and 24 cents per recipient for a text message that includes a picture or video.

Adding people to the text messaging list can easily be accomplished by creating a mobile keyword that people can be used to sign-up for the list. As an example, if you were the leader of a small liberty group you could create a keyword (as long as it is available) like “libertygroup” so that people could text the word “libertygroup” to 96362 in order to sign-up for your text messaging list.

The group text messaging system also allows users to do a number of other things such as request a yes/no response to a question or request that people vote on something using their cell phones. The system also allows users to send out e-mails and voice broadcasts.

Overall, using the text message system can decrease the amount of time you spend on the phone and it can help activate more people. As an incentive for liberty groups, my company is offering 250 free text messages ($10 value) to any liberty group that starts using our group text messaging system. If you have any questions or would like to get started, please fill out the contact form below or call me at 864.641.6877.

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