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Becoming a Shell Breaking Entrepreneur

I will admit it, becoming an entrepreneur is a tough thing to do.  People who decide to take the entrepreneurial route usually always seem to take-on more than they can chew.  I had a client recently vent with me on whether or not he was taking on too much.  I did my best to listen him and I could easily get a sense that he was overwhelmed.  

Unfortunately, the feeling of being overwhelmed can often be unbearable for people wanting to be entrepreneurs.  The tasks that entrepreneurs normally have to do are often more diversified and more complicated than those of employees.  

I think that many entrepreneurs underestimate how much stress is going to come their way when they take the entrepreneurial plunge so I have multiple key recommendations in order to help entrepreneurs to breakOUT!!! of their shells:

1.  Take time for a nap or two during the day.  An entrepreneur can often be on the go for 14+ hours per day for 6 to 7 days a week so it’s important to give your mind and body a break or two.  Too many days without naps can often lead to extreme fatigue and can often lead to a person withdrawing from his/her entrepreneurial pursuit.

2.  Find ways to work less and to make more.  Planning is everything when it comes working less and making more.  If you get paid to do one-on-one consultations, why not organize an event where you do group consultations?  Sure, you may be getting $15 per person per an hour compared to your normal $75 one hour consultation but atleast you may be able to bring twenty people in for a one hour session and make four times your normal hourly rate.

3.  Find a new software that can help you become more efficient.  I recently did this with a client that wanted to analyze blueprints more efficiently.  He used to get the blueprints printed at Kinko’s and then do them by hand.  Now we have found him a new software program to where he can do all of his blueprint work on his computer without ever leaving his home.  Luckily for him, we have also found somebody to analyze blueprints for him so that he can focus more on managing projects and getting sales.

4.  Find somebody who can be a back-office entrepreneur for you.  Why manage all of your projects on your own when you can have another entrepreneur manage them for you?  When it comes to finding a back-office entrepreneur, it’s not bad idea to find somebody who is young, energetic, and computer-savvy.  I often find that a busy entrepreneur needs to be on the computer and phone for nearly half of the work day.  This can easily be split up amongst somebody who can play your role from you worksite or from a different worksite.  

All entrepreneurs need to find ways to breakout of their shells.  The recommendations above can help but we recommend to all of our clients that they become a student of entrepreneurship so that they can really find a way to become a Shell Breaking Entrepreneur!

At True Phase Solutions, we focus on helping entrepreneurs grow their companies.  If you are interested in our services, please visit our website www.truephasesolutions.com and schedule a time to talk with us.

Written by Evan Mulch, CEO of True Phase Solutions, 1-877-376-8783

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