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Disappointment or Victory?

August 6, 2012 3 comments

                 As some already know, I was not certified by the South Carolina Voting Commission to run as a petition candidate for South Carolina House District 33.  This news may come as a disappointment for some, but I believe that the petition drive as a whole was a victory for South Carolinians.  Many of you know that I made my announcement to start my petition drive just five days after Obamacare was approved by the Supreme Court which gave us about twelve days to collect the 1,079 signatures needed to get on the November ballot.  We ended up turning in 1,200 signatures which may have been enough had the rules stated that any registered voter counted; however, we knew going into the petition drive that we needed to collect signatures from people who had voted within the last four years so in the end we most likely came up short when it came to getting signatures from active voters. 

                Although I find it difficult to deliver this news to everybody, I am very optimistic about the future of South Carolina.  It is fascinating to me that in a state where I have lived for only one year that I was able to gain the support needed in order to make a very big statement for Conservative South Carolinians.  I was able to work with many very Patriotic Volunteers who were right alongside with me when it comes to the idea of Nullifying Obamcare at the state level.  I trust now that I am living in a state that will be one of the first to tell the Federal Government to back away out of our personal business and only provide us with the services allowed by the United States Constitution.

                As for my opponent, I wish him well during his next term and I hope that he understands that there are number of us in his district that will hold him accountable for obeying the South Carolina Constitution as well as the United States Constitution.  If he changes his personal political ideology and becomes a Constitutional Conservative during his next term, he may be able to gain my support but if he remains a Moderate I will most likely choose to run in the 2014 Primary Election. 

                As for everybody who helped me during petition drive, I cannot thank you enough for your support.  I had the blessing of having volunteers who wanted me to get on the ballot just as badly as I wanted to which was very inspirational for me.  We should all be very proud of our work and know that when nullification becomes a popular word in our state that we played a big role in getting the idea of nullification started. 

                So what’s next for me?  I plan to play a role in helping other Conservatives win their elections in November and I also plan to play a role in helping to organize precincts in Spartanburg County.  We have a lot of work to do but I think the message is very clear that the people in our area are demanding a state government that is focused on lowering taxes, nullifying Obamacare, and protecting our liberties. 

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