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Volunteers Needed!

If you live in the Spartanburg area, I need your help during the next few days.  I’m short of volunteers and the only way I’m going to get on the ballot to run against Eddie Tallon in the general election is to get a lot more participation in my petition drive.

If you are wondering what it is like to petition, I will tell you that it is fairly easy right now.  The weather has cooled down and most people understand that there are a large number of Republican Petition Candidates this year.  People also sign the petition very easily after seeing that Eddie is the worst ranked Upstate representative on the Greenville Tea Party scorecard (http://www.greenvilleteaparty.com/images/stories/generic_SCORECARD_041912.pdf).  If you look at page 2 of the scorecard, you will see Senator Bright received a perfect score from the Greenville Tea Party.  We all know that our representatives need to start voting more like Senator Bright and I’m here to replace one of the worst voters in the House.

If you would, please help me and let others know that I need help.

Here is the Facebook Event for Saturday: http://www.facebook.com/events/339537352790543/

If you haven’t already, please fill-out the form on www.evanmulchforhouse.com so that you can receive my information alerts.

My phone numbers are (864) 641-6877 and (513) 405-2086.

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