My Speech and Others from the Nullify Obamacare Hearing in Greenville on 11/5/13

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Here are the other speeches that I have published from the hearing:

Josiah Magnuson:

Jesse Graston:

Dr. Thomas Kendall:

Bill Conley:

Javan Browder:

Tony Gilliard:

Brit Adams:

Don Rogers:



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My Case for Nullifying Obamacare

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My Thoughts On Wealth Redistribution

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Please Support The Mulch Tank Business And Leadership Center

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December Events at Mulch Tank November Events at Mulch Tank



To All Supporters of Liberty, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship,

I’m excited to share some news with you. As you may have already heard by word-of-mouth or found out through social media, I’ve started a new business called the Mulch Tank Business and Leadership Center in Spartanburg.  Being a participant in the liberty movement for the last couple of years and an entrepreneur for most of my life, I have come to understand that many of our problems in society are due to a lack of education and my vision is to help local communities by setting up Mulch Tanks all over the United States.


I have been fortunate to start working recently for Ben Swann of and he has helped inspire me to take on this new project. Not only have I been inspired by Ben Swann but I have also been inspired by one of my heroes, Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has recently published a book called “The School Revolution” and in it he gives his recommendations how to fix the broken education system. After reading Ron Paul’s book, I now have a better vision of what the future holds for the Mulch Tank Business and Leadership Center.


First of all, Mulch Tank must remain a private business. I will not accept government grants of any kind and I will not ask the government for any special favors in order to make my business a success. This is key because one of the major problems in society is that business owners are often now taking advantage of taxpayer money by requesting special treatment from the government. This contributes to an immoral society which is why we have so many problems with crony capitalism at this point in time.


Secondly, Mulch Tank will focus on bringing in guest speakers that will speak on a topic for 25 minutes. These events will be called Mulch Tank 25’s. In Ron Paul’s book he describes the need for shorter lectures due to the fact that most people forget about 90% of what they have heard in a lecture within days after the lecture is given. Each Mulch Tank 25 will give the speakers 25 minutes to speak and then the speech will be followed by a 25 minute Q & A session. Within the next few weeks, all of the Mulch Tank 25’s will be streamed live online and will also be posted on Youtube.


Lastly, the purpose of Mulch Tank is to grow the number of self-disciplined liberty loving entrepreneurs and leaders so each event will have some focus on self-discipline and liberty.  Individual liberty is essential to all human beings and it is absolutely essential to entrepreneurs. Right now entrepreneurs are faced with growing regulations and taxes that make it impossible to enter and survive some business markets. We need truly free markets with people that agree on the principles of Austrian Economics in order to create a society that is both ideal and moral.


If order to make the Mulch Tank Business and Leadership Center a success, I need individuals across our nation to help take ownership in the idea. And don’t worry, no matter where you live you will be able to benefit from the Mulch Tank due to what will be available online for any viewer to see.


Here are the steps I need you to take in order to help the Mulch Tank Business and Leadership Center grow:


  1. Sign-up for Mulch Tank events on Right now most events are going to be free to attend so please let others know about the many different learning opportunities. Class sizes are limited to 18 participants so make sure to sign-up on Eventbrite right away if you want to reserve a seat.

  2. Fill out the form on the following web link to be added to the e-mail list, text message list, and/or call list: Here is a video tutorial:

  3. Visit and become a Supporter and/or a Fan Fundraiser. Here is a video tutorial:

  4. Make a monthly or one time contribution on

  5. Like “Mulch Tank” on Facebook

  6. Visit and purchase books and CDs on leadership, freedom, and Christianity. Here is the video tutorial:


Thank you so much for your support and please share this message with others that you know. I look forward to your continued support.


In Liberty,

Evan Mulch

Owner and Director
Mulch Tank Business & Leadership Center
2099 South Pine Street Suite I
Spartanburg, SC 29302
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Special Offer: Free Group Text Messaging Credits for Liberty Groups

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As the Liberty Movement grows, we are finding better ways to communicate and so I’m recommending one form of communication to all that are part of the liberty movement. Many of us that are leaders in the movement have a lot of responsibility to communicate effectively and to make sure that as many people participate in meetings and activist events as possible. I thoroughly enjoy leading small to medium sized liberty groups but last year during a petition drive I realized that e-mail wasn’t reaching as many people as I had hoped and due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to call all the people on my volunteer list each time I needed them. I soon found out that sending out group text messages resulted in better volunteer turnout and it also took just a few minutes of my time.

A group text message can easily be sent out  in the matter of minutes using my company’s website  Each text message can include up to 136 characters and can also include a video or a picture. The average cost per a text message is 4 cents per recipient for a standard text message and 24 cents per recipient for a text message that includes a picture or video.

Adding people to the text messaging list can easily be accomplished by creating a mobile keyword that people can be used to sign-up for the list. As an example, if you were the leader of a small liberty group you could create a keyword (as long as it is available) like “libertygroup” so that people could text the word “libertygroup” to 96362 in order to sign-up for your text messaging list.

The group text messaging system also allows users to do a number of other things such as request a yes/no response to a question or request that people vote on something using their cell phones. The system also allows users to send out e-mails and voice broadcasts.

Overall, using the text message system can decrease the amount of time you spend on the phone and it can help activate more people. As an incentive for liberty groups, my company is offering 250 free text messages ($10 value) to any liberty group that starts using our group text messaging system. If you have any questions or would like to get started, please fill out the contact form below or call me at 864.641.6877.

Please Watch Ben Swann Live and Streaming Friday Evening!

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Friends of Liberty,
Please tune-in online to Friday’s Live and Streaming event to support Ben Swann’s project for Truth In Media. As many of you know, I have devoted a lot of time to helping him the last few weeks in order to help him launch his new media business and it would be wonderful to know that the Upstate of South Carolina went all out to support him on Friday.  I will not be at the event but I will be watching from home.  Keep a look out for my #LibertyIsRising Tweets 🙂
Where: On the internet website
When: Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 7 PM
What:  Ben Swann will be speaking about the Truth In Media Project
In Liberty,
Evan Mulch
Chairman of the Upstate RLC Chapter
Twitter: @evanmulch

Let’s Tak Entrpreneurship

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Let’s Tak Entrpreneurship

Today’s topic was mobile applications.  Please like “Mulch Tank” on Facebook if you like our show.  

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